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Administrative Office Technology

Administrative Office Technology


Administrative Office Technology is designed to prepare students for administrative office positions in general, medical, and legal office settings. Integrated software covered in computer-based courses includes word processing, spreadsheets, publication, and database programs. In addition to these skill courses, business lecture courses provide valuable information necessary for students to associate and communicate successfully with other office professionals.

Program Credential: Associate Degree

Total Credits Required for Credential: 60

Career Opportunities   Annual Salary

The Associate's of Applied Science in Administrative Office Technology prepares students for a wide-range of administrative positions across a multitude of industries. While students are often required to complete a bachelor's degree to gain employment into these positions, the AAS AOT is the first step at achieving your dream of participating in a fast paced administrative environment. Some examples of regional positions within this sector are:

  • Office Clerks
  • Insurance Policy Processing or Claim Clerks
  • Word Processor or Typists
  • Logistic Agent
  • Procurement Agent

Arkansas Median Salary: $32,680

National Median Salary: $38,790

10 Year Projected Employment Demand: 7-10% Increase

*Bureau of Labor Statistics accessed through


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Program Documents    

Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Office Technology



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