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Student Outcome Data

Student Outcome Data


(student outcome data from strategic plan: Stronger Together 2018-21)

Student Success Measure 1: Overall Core Competency Attainment AY15-17.


(From EACC’s Assessment of Student Learning’s Closing the Loop 2018 report)


Student Success Measure 2: Humanities Discipline Learning Outcomes AY19.


(Discipline level goal example: E1 = English Discipline Objective 1, FA = Fine Arts, LAN = Language Enhancement)


Student Success Measure 3: Social Science Discipline Learning Outcomes AY19.


(CJ = Criminal Justice, HGG = History, P = Psychology, SS = Social Science, ED = Education)


Student Success Measure 4: Math/Science Discipline Learning Outcomes AY19.


(M = Math, S = Science)

Student Success Measure 5: Allied Health Discipline Learning Outcomes AY19.


(N = Nursing, R = Radiology)


Student Success Measure 6: Business and Technology Discipline Outcomes AY19.


(B = Business, T = Technology)

Student Success Measure 7: Graduation rates by time to completion.


(Percentage of full-time, first-time students who graduated in the specified amount of time in a given program. E.g. technical certificate with 30 credit hours completed in: 1 year = 100%, 1.5 years = 150%, 2 years = 200%; or an associate level 2-year degree completed in: 2 years = 100%, 3 years = 150%, 4 years = 200%.); IPEDS data indicates a 75% graduation/completion rate over four-years.


Student Success Measure 8: All credential graduation and transfer rate within 3-years of entering.


(Percentage of full-time, first-time students who graduated or transferred out within 150% of "normal time" to completion.) IPEDS


Student Success Measure 9: Associate’s graduation rates for AY16 cohort. Source: ADHE.


Student Success Measure 10: All credentials earned for academic years 2017-19.



Student Success Measure 11: Credentials attained by level in academic years 2017-19.



Student Success Measure 12: Credentials earned by race and level in Academic year 2017.


Student Success Measure 13: Credentials earned by race and level in Academic year 2018.


Student Success Measure 14: Credentials earned by race and level in Academic year 2019.



Student Success Measure 15: Developmental Course Success Rate for academic years 2017-19.


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