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General Education Statement of Philosophy

General education courses at East Arkansas Community College enhance academic skills, reasoning capabilities, and general knowledge required for continued learning and advancement in students’ professional and personal lives. Students will demonstrate increased proficiency in communication, critical thinking, personal and global awareness, academic proficiency, and professional development. 

General Education Core Curricula Requirements

The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board has established a minimum of 35 semester credit hours of general education courses that must be successfully completed in order to receive an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Baccalaureate degree. Arkansas Act 98 of 1989 provides that the general core of courses “shall be fully transferable between state institutions.” General education core courses fall within these areas:

English Composition (6 semester credit hours).

Speech Communication (0-3 semester credit hours).

Math (3 semester credit hours).College Algebra , a course as sophisticated as College Algebra or a higher level math course. Institutions may require students majoring in math, engineering, science, and business to take higher-level math courses as part
of the state minimum core.

Science (8 semester credit hours). Science courses must include laboratories. Institutions may require students majoring in math, engineering, science, education, and health related professions to
take higher level or specific science courses.

Fine Arts/Humanities (6-9 semester credit hours).

Social Sciences (9-12 semester credit hours). U.S. History or Government (3 semester credit hours) and six to nine semester hours of other social sciences.





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