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Major Appliance Service

Major Appliance Service

Major Appliance Service- Technician using a multimeter with red and black probes to measure voltage on a part

The Major Appliance Service Program will train you to service, diagnose, and repair all major appliances. We provide classroom and laboratory training. In the lab, you will work on actual non-working appliances. You will learn when and how to use the proper tools, where to locate needed parts, how to remove or repair broken parts, and how to attach new parts.In order to protect our environment, students are instructed on the proper way to handle refrigerants. Before completing the program, all students will take the EPA certification.

Career Opportunities   Annual Salary

While various industries employee students from the Major Appliance Service program, many will obtain employment as Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers. Within this field, you might be responsible for installing and repairing industrial, commercial, or residential appliance systems, including refrigeration and sanitation control machines. 

Typical day-to-day tasks might include:

  • Observing and testing system operation using gauges and instruments.
  • Adjusting valves according to specifications and charging systems with the proper type of refrigerant by pumping the specified gas or fluid into the system.
  • Testing lines, components, and connections for leaks.
  • Dismantling malfunctioning systems and testing components using electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic testing equipment.
  • Adjusting or replacing worn or defective mechanisms and parts, and reassembling repaired systems.

Arkansas Median Salary: $29,660

National Median Salary: $38,160

10 Year Projected Employment Demand: 1%

*Bureau of Labor Statistics accessed through


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Mission: We provide affordable, accessible learning opportunities to promote student success and strengthen our community.


Program Credential Credits to Credential Program Documents Program Cost
TC Major Appliance Service 32 TC MAS Program of Study $3,646.00*
CP Refrigeration and Heat Exchange Technology 12

                                                                                                                    *Approximate cost of the program for in-county residents.

Discipline Outcome
Major Appliance Service Objective 1 Students will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary major appliance service and repair techniques.
Major Appliance Service Objective 2 Students will effectively communicate on topics related to major appliance service and repair.
Major Appliance Service Objective 3 Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills by maintaining a safe working environment.

EACC's Core Competencies- Communicate, Think, Connect, and Achieve

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