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Education- Five dice with one letter on each to spell teach

With three distinct pathways to help you prepare for an exciting career in teaching, EACC stands ready to provide the education necessary to reach your career goals. Complete your first two years here with our Associates of Science in Education (K-6 Elementary, Middle Level, or Secondary Level), and transfer to one of our approved 2+2 partner institutions to complete your bachelors degree. 

Program Credential: Associate of Science in Education

Total Credits Required for Credential: 60, 61, or 63

Approximate Cost of the Program: $5,790*

*Approximate cost of the program for an in-county resident.

 Career Opportunities    Annual Salary

Students completing one of EACC's three education pathways go on to become paraprofessionals, teaching aides, teachers, vice-principles, principles, or superintendents. EACC gives you the educational foundation to reach your career goals. Start at EACC and complete your associates degree before transferring to one of our 2+2 partner institutions to complete your bachelors degree in Education. 


Arkansas Median Salary: $57,720

National Median Salary: $48,180

10 Year Projected Employment Demand: 9% Increase

*Bureau of Labor Statistics accessed through


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EACC Mission: We provide affordable, accessible learning opportunities to promote student success and strengthen our community.


 Program Credential Credit to Credential Program Documents Program Cost
K-6 Elementary Program of Studies 60 K-6 Elementary Program of Studies $6,930.00
 Middle Level
60  Middle Level $6,930.00 
Secondary Level Social Studies (History) 60 Secondary Level Social Studies (History) $6,930.00
Technical Certificate Education Studies 31 TC Education Studies $3,635.00
Certificate of Proficiency in Education Studies 6 CP Education Studies $1,003.00
      *Approximate cost of the program for in-county residents.


2+2 Agreements
University of Central Arkansas


Discipline Outcome
Education Objective 1 Communicate effectively and efficiently to inform, instruct, motivate, and persuade verbally and in writing; effectively listen.
Education Objective 2 Develop the abilities needed to problem solve, reason, and make good judgements and decisions.
Education Objective 3 Learn from and work with diverse groups of individuals with different cultures and backgrounds.
Education Objective 4 Develop reasoning skills, content knowledge, and social and emotional competencies to navigate through life and work environments.

EACC's Core Competencies- Communicate, Think, Connect, and Achieve

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Interested in Learning More? Contact one of our Admission Staff at the Hodges Student Services Complex, at (870)-633-4480 Ext. 335.  Photo of campus north facade
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