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Internet Technology Webpage Design

Internet Technology Webpage Design

Internet Technology Webpage Design- Computer screen with different color codes displayed

A Certificate of Proficiency is awarded for completion of a program designed for less than one year (15 semester credit hours or less). It is awarded to students demonstration mastery of skills and knowledge against specified performance standards in a specific area or discipline. 

Career Opportunities Annual Salary

Students entering a career in web or graphic design can anticipate an exciting career with the following job duties. 

  • Design, create, and modify Web sites.
  • Analyze user needs to implement Web site content, graphics, performance, and capacity.
  • May integrate Web sites with other computer applications.
  • May convert written, graphic, audio, and video components to compatible Web formats by using software designed to facilitate the creation of Web and multimedia content.

Arkansas Median Salary: $50,310

National Median Salary: $67,990

10 Year Projected Employment Demand: 18% Increase

*Bureau of Labor Statistics accessed through

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EACC Mission: We provide affordable, accessible learning opportunities to promote student success and strengthen our community.
Program Credential Credits to Credential Program Documents Program Cost

Technical Certificate in Internet Technology/Web Design

30 Technical Certificate Program of Study $2,920.00*

Certificate of Proficiency in Internet Technology/Web Design

15 Certificate of Proficiency Program of Study $1,510.00*

                                                                                                         * Approximate cost of program for in-county residents.

Discipline Outcome
Internet Technology/Web Design Objective 1 Students will communicate effectively in a technology environment.
Internet Technology/Web Design Objective 2 Students will use a disciplined process to identify, evaluate, analyze, and conceptualize technology solutions.
Internet Technology/Web Design Objective 3 Students will develop a global technology perspective.
Internet Technology/Web Design Objective 4 Students will acquire technology vocabulary and demonstrate professional workplace skills.

EACC's Core Competencies- Communicate, Think, Connect, and Achieve

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