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Residential Heat and Air Conditioning

Residential Heat and Air Conditioning

Residential Heat and Air Conditioning- Duct work in home attic

The Residential Heat & Air Conditioning program offers training in all aspects of heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance. You will learn about brazing, basic electricity (as applied in the HVAC industry), how to use meters, how to troubleshoot units, and much more. During the occasions spent in the shop, you will be given ample time to apply what you have learned in the classroom.

Career Opportunities   Annual Salary

The HVAC industry offers many career options including technicians, installers, parts people, warehouse managers, and business owners. While each employer will require you to utilize your knowledge in different ways, typical responsibilities for HVAC mechanics and installers include installing, servicing, or repairing heating and air conditioning systems in residences or commercial establishments.

Some day-to-day tasks may include:

  • Testing pipe or tubing joints or connections for leaks using a pressure gauge or soap-and-water solution.
  • Testing electrical circuits or components for continuity, using electrical test equipment.
  • Repairing or replacing defective equipment, components, or wiring.
  • Discussing heating or cooling system malfunctions with users to isolate problems or to verify that repairs corrected malfunctions.
  • Repairing or service heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to improve efficiency, by such methods as changing filters, cleaning ducts, or refilling non-toxic refrigerants.

Arkansas Median Salary: $39,300

National Median Salary: $47,610

10 Year Projected Employment Demand: 18% Increase

*Bureau of Labor Statistics accessed through 



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Program Credential Credits to Credential Program Documents Program Cost
Technical Certificate in Residential Heating and Air 31 TC RHA Program of Study $3,346.00*
Certificate of Proficiency in Residential Heating and Air 12 CP RHA Program of Study  

                                                                                                                                     *Approximate cost of the program for in-county residents.

Discipline Outcome
Residential Heating/Air Conditioning Objective 1 Students will demonstrate an understanding of contemporary residential heating and air techniques.
Residential Heating/Air Conditioning Objective 2 Students will effectively communicate on topics related to residential heating and air.
Residential Heating/Air Conditioning Objective 3 Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills by maintaining a safe working environment.

EACC's Core Competencies- Communicate, Think, Connect, and Achieve

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