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The Technical Certificate in Welding is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in welding manufacturing by producing students with welding skills applicable in a number of industrial settings. 

Program Credential: Technical Certificate

Total Credits Required for Credential: 32

Career Opportunities   Annual Salary

The Technical Certificate in Welding prepares students for a variety of positions, including: Aluminum Welder, Fabricator, Fitter/Welder, Maintenance Welder, Mig Welder, or Sub Arc Operator. 

While each industry requires different tasks for professional welders, typical day-to-day tasks include: 

  • Welding components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions.
  • Operate safety equipment and use safe work habits.
  • Lay out, position, align, and secure parts and assemblies prior to assembly, using straightedges, combination squares, calipers, and rulers.
  • Examine work-pieces for defects and measure work-pieces with straightedges or templates to ensure conformance with specifications.
  • Recognize, set up, and operate hand and power tools common to the welding trade, such as shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment.

Arkansas Median Salary: $38,430

National Median Salary: $40,240

10 Year Projected Employment Demand: 7%

*Bureau of Labor Statistics accessed through 


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