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The East Arkansas Community College Foundation believes that education is the key to a productive quality of life.  To enhance opportunities for the students of this area to acquire an education at East Arkansas Community College, the EACC Foundation believes that:

The dedicated faculty provides quality instruction and should be supported with a physical plant that is attractive and appropriate for instruction.  The facilities are a resource to enrich the community through academic instruction, technical opportunities, the arts, and community service offerings. 

The college prepares students for better employment opportunities and strengthens the economic development potential of the area.  This belief includes the entire service area and partnerships with four-year universities, area high schools, as well as business and industry.

The cost of a higher education at EACC should not impose a roadblock to a student’s achievement of their educational goals.  To that end, the EACC Foundation places a high value on generating scholarships to defray the costs of higher education.


East Arkansas Community College is built on land donated by Betty Jo Hodges given in memory of her late husband. The project was sanctioned by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education in August of 1973. The original foundation was called the Crowley’s Ridge Community College Corporation, which was chartered in 1969. The original directors were William Campbell, Bill Clanton, Bill Irving, Bob Porter and John Mann. Though the corporate entity remained the same, the name was changed in 1976 to East Arkansas Community College Foundation, Inc. The EACC Foundation, Inc. received non-profit, tax-exempt status under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code in 1983.

Foundation Board
Margy Cannon, Beverly Devazier, Leroy Dangeau, Susan DeRossitt, Pierre Evans, Larry Freeman, Jan Haven, Anna Howton, Ann Hudson, Steve Hollowell, Megan O'Neal, Chris Morledge, Dale Morris, Joe Perry, Claudette Walker

Ex-Officio Members:
Brent Howton,Chairman-Board of Trustees
Dr. Cathie Cline, President-EACC
Niki Jones-Director of Development

To enhance resources for the benefit and advancement of East Arkansas Community College; to encourage and assist its students, faculty and staff; and to build community awareness of the purposes of EACC.

To generate support and advocacy for East Arkansas Community College in the communities we serve.


Scholarship applications are due the first day of classes in the Fall semester.

Fill out EACC's General Scholarship Application to see if you qualify for any of the following scholarship opportunities:

Amanda Fogg Memorial Scholarship: This new scholarship assists a full-time sophomore level (minimum of 30 hours of college credit) student having maintained a cumulative minimum 2.5 GPA who graduated from a high school in St. Francis County. Applicants must show financial need.  The scholarship was established by Jeff and Rhonda Fogg in memory of their daughter, Amanda Fogg.  The award is $500 per semester, based on availability of funds to cover expenses of tuition, fees and books. 

Forrest City Education Teacher Scholarship: This scholarship assists a full-time sophomore (minimum of 30 hours of college credit) student who graduated from a high school in St. Francis County and is pursuing an Associate of Science in Education degree.  Applicants must have achieved and maintain a cumulative minimum 2.5 GPA.  The scholarship was established in 1998 with contributions from faculty and staff of the Forrest City School District and the Forrest City Education Foundation.  The award is $500 per semester, based on availability of funds to cover expenses of tuition, fees and books. 

The R.L. and Maurice Steward Memorial Endowed Scholarship: This new scholarship was established by Shelvy and Robbia Keglar in memory of her parents longtime residents of the Forrest City area. Maurice spent 43 years as local teacher who advocated for higher education and Robert was a local farmer. This scholarship assists a full-time EACC minority student who graduated from FCHS and is pursuing a degree in education. The award will be $500 based on availability of funds to cover expenses of tuition, fees and books.

General Education Scholarship: For full-time sophomores who plan to transfer to a 4-year institution after graduation. Student must possess a 3.0 GPA on all coursework with a minimum of 30 hours completed. Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $250 per semester.

Technical Education Scholarship: Awarded to a full-time sophomore in an Associate of Applied Science degree program. . Student must possess a 3.0 GPA on all coursework with a minimum of 30 hours completed. Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $250 per semester.

Non-Traditional Student Scholarship: Presented to a full-time sophomore who is 25 years of age or older. Student must possess a 3.0 GPA on all coursework (minimum of 24 hours). Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $250 per semester.

Eleanor B. and Harry E. Beasley Scholarship: Established in honor of Eleanor B. Beasley, longtime Board of Trustees member at EACC and her husband Harry E. Beasley. Recipients of the scholarship must be graduates of a high school in St. Francis County and must be a sophomore with a grade point average of 3.00 or higher. The scholarship will be awarded to students in the Fall and Spring terms at EACC. Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $250 per semester.

George P. and Alice H. Walker Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 2004 through the estate of Mildred Sikes, daughter of George and Alice Walker and dedicated to the support of students at EACC pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in an Allied Health field. It is expected that these students will become practicing health care professionals and provide care for many others over their lifetime. Awarded to a full-time sophomore student with a minimum 3.00 GPA. Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $250 per semester.

Jessie Smith Swindle Scholarship: The family of Jessie Smith Swindle has established this scholarship in 2009 to honor her memory and to show support for nursing education which was such an important part of her life. At age 50, Jessie began her training to become an LPN. Once completed, she had a nursing career that spanned 22 years in Cross County, Arkansas. The Jessie Smith Swindle Scholarship is made possible through the generosity of her son, Mr. Ronald K. Swindle and his wife, Minette Clarke-Swindle. The Jessie Smith Swindle Nursing Scholarship is dedicated to assisting an EACC nursing student from Cross County with financial need who plans to attend as a full-time nursing student. The award is $1000 per academic year, based on availability of funds to cover expenses of tuition, fees, books and supplies.

The Burt-Davis Nursing Scholarship: The Burt-Davis Scholarship is established through the East Arkansas Community College Foundation to benefit a student who is accepted in the college’s nursing program. This scholarship was established by Ms. Marguerite L. Burt of Wynne in memory of her mother, Mrs. Bertha Davis Burt and grandmother, Mrs. Sally Stephens Davis. The award is $500 per semester, based on availability of funds to cover expenses of tuition, fees, books and supplies.

Giny Blankenship Memorial Nursing Scholarship: The family of Giny Blankenship has chosen to honor her memory by establishing the Giny Blankenship Memorial Scholarship. This scholar-ship was created to help insure others the opportunity to realize their dream of serving others through nursing. Giny Blankenship was a successful cosmetologist and caring for people was second nature to her. This award is $250 per semester, based on availability of funds, to cover expenses of tuition, fees, and books.

Dr. John W. Alderson III Business Scholarship: The purpose of the Dr. John W. Alderson, III Business Scholarship is to assist a full-time sophomore student pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in a Business/Technology field. Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $500 per semester.

Jimmy and Patsy Burns Memorial Scholarship: The Jimmy and Patsy Burns Memorial Scholarship is for an incoming freshman who is a graduate of Palestine-Wheatley High School. The student must have a 2.0 GPA. Awarded in the fall for the academic year, $750 per semester.

Dr. Coy Grace Scholarship: The Coy Grace School to Work Scholarship is awarded to a  student who has completed a program of study in the Eastark Secondary Career Center (ESCC) and/or to a student seeking a certificate or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. The award is $250 per semester or term based on availability of funds.


Gifts of cash, personal check or gift by credit card (Master Card or Visa) are usually chosen as the most direct way to charitably give.  You may specify your gift to a particular fund or give unrestricted monies that will be used where the need is greatest determined by the board which governs the Foundation.  A cash gift is deductible up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income.  Any amount in excess of the 50 percent ceiling can be carried over for five years.

Matching Gifts.....many corporations will match funds you gift to the East Arkansas Community College Foundation.  Consider checking with your human resources department to see if your employer participates in a fund matching program for charitable giving.  If so, ask for the appropriate forms to complete for matching gift support. Donation Card


Planned giving is a way for an individual to take the opportunity to combine their personal charitable interests with long-range financial and estate planning while also helping to ensure EACC’s future. There are many tools available that can help the donor maximize the value of their gift to both themselves and the EACC Foundation.  Careful structuring of planned gifts can allow the donor to qualify for a charitable deduction under the income tax or the estate tax laws.  Below are a few outlined ways that are popular with individuals who choose the planned giving option.


A bequest allows an individual to make a gift to the EACC Foundation in a will.  The bequest can be made as a specific amount, tangible items such as real estate, a percentage of the estate or through a residuary clause.  Specifications designating use of the funds can be determined in the will.  The main advantage of a bequest is to help reduce the tax levied on the donor’s estate under current law.

Life Estate

Transferring a personal residence, a farm or a vacation home to the EACC Foundation while retaining your right to live there for the remainder of your (and your spouse’s) life is another option.  The donor continues to handle all property expenses until the time of the transfer.  At that time, the Internal Revenue Service will provide a charitable deduction for a portion of the appraised fair market value of the property.

Life Insurance Policy

Another way to give to the EACC Foundation is through life insurance.  By naming the EACC Foundation as owner and irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a deduction can be taken for the premium payments.  An existing life insurance policy can also be given, or the donor may assign the dividends of the policy as a gift.
Donation Card

Giving an Honorarium or Memorial

Giving to the EACC Foundation through honorariums or memorials is a perfect way to share with others how special a loved one is to you.  These gifts can be specified and used to help others with their educational needs through scholarships, to add to the beautification of the EACC campus or support specific programs or current campus building projects. Donation Card


Washed- Gravel walkway 

The washed-gravel walkways on EACC’s central campus are in need of renovation.To assist with the refurbishment, the EACC Foundation is providing an opportunity to purchase a commemorative brick to replace portions of the walkway.  The bricks will be placed on the north side of the administration building and will continue towards the north campus parking lot.  Bricks will come in two sizes 4 X 8 at a cost of $50 dollars and 8 X 8 at a cost of $100 dollars. Engraving will be black in all capital letters. 

Brick Application Form

Contact US

Niki Russell Jones of Forrest City has been named as the Director of Development/Arts Center Manager for East Arkansas Community College. Jones formerly served as the EACC Library Coordinator.

In this position, Jones will be involved in working closely with the EACC Foundation on development opportunities and in the day to day operations of the new EACC Fine Arts Center. A graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, Jones also served in Community Relations at the Forrest City Area Chamber of Commerce and was Project Coordinator for the Gladlands. She completed Connect St. Francis County Leadership Training in 2008. Jones served as a board member of Arkansas Delta Byways and was recognized by the organization for Contributions in Tourism in 2008 and was also nominated for their Outstanding Member Award. Currently a member of Association of Performing Arts Presenters.

Niki Jones , Director of Development
(870) 633-4480 Extension #352

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