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Transfer Policies & Information

Transfer Policies & Information

Transfer Assistance

Transfer Policies

Students transferring to EACC from another institution should request official transcripts of their academic records to be sent directly to the Office of Admission and Registration. The registration process cannot be completed without the official transcript(s).

Credit accepted for transfer must have been earned at an accredited college or university. Transfer credit will be accepted for satisfactorily completed college-level courses for which EACC offers equivalent courses. Transfer courses for which EACC offers no equivalent courses will be evaluated for possible general elective credit. Transcripts from non-accredited colleges will be evaluated on the same basis as that employed by the state university of the state in which the transfer college is located. It is highly recommended that college catalogs with descriptions of courses being transferred from out-of-state schools or earlier than five previous years be submitted along with the transcript. This will allow a more knowledgeable evaluation of the courses.

Students must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended. Entering transfer students must have a cumulative grade point average, which falls within EACC’s guidelines for good academic standing. Students on academic suspension from another institution will be eligible for admission only after having remained out of school for one semester (not including a summer term) or being eligible to return to the previous institution.

Transfer credit will only be evaluated and added to a permanent record for those students who are currently enrolled as a degree-seeking candidate at EACC. Grades earned in transfer courses are considered in calculating students’ grade point averages at EACC. Grades of “D” or better will transfer to EACC; however, “D” grades transferred into EACC will not apply toward an AA or AS transfer degree, AAS-EMT/Paramedic degree, or AAS-Nursing degree.

Vocational or technically oriented courses will be accepted when directly related to a particular Applied Science program at EACC and will be applicable only toward the appropriate Associate of Applied Science degree.

Transfer Students

A. Permanent Transfer Status Students: previously enrolled in other post-secondary institutions must provide evidence of good standing at those institutions. An official transcript should be sent to the Office of Admission and Registration at EACC from each institution previously attended before or at the time of pre-registration for classes. Transcripts must be submitted before registration. New students who are not eligible to return to their previous institution will not be considered for admission to EACC until they have been out of school for at least one regular term (fall or spring), or are eligible to return to the previous institution. Non-attendance for the summer term will not fulfill this requirement.

B. Transient Transfer Status: Students maintaining primary enrollment at another institution must submit a letter of good standing to the Office of Admission and Registration before registration. A new application and letter of good standing must be submitted each term.

New students transferring to EACC from an accredited two- or four-year institution must submit an official transcript which shows successful completion of or official withdrawal from college-level English and mathematics courses to be exempted from testing.

International applicants who are seeking admission as transfers from another college or university in the U.S. must also submit to EACC a Form I-20AB, or other appropriate form, which must be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration, and Naturalization Service. Transfer students must be in good standing at the institution from which they are transferring, and must have a minimum grade point average of 2.00.

Transfer Degrees

East Arkansas Community College offers the following degrees to students interested in transferring to a four-year college or university: Certificate in General Studies, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science in Business, Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, and Associate of Science in Education.

Transferability of Courses - Statewide Articulation Agreement

Arkansas Act 98 of 1989 provides that the State Board of Higher Education “shall establish in consultation with the colleges and universities a minimum core of courses which shall apply toward the general education core curriculum requirements for baccalaureate degrees at state supported institutions of higher education and which shall be fully transferable between state institutions.”

Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as “No Comparable Course.” Additionally, courses with a grade of “D” frequently do not transfer and institutional policies may vary. ACTS may be accessed on the Internet by going to the ADHE website and selecting Course Transfer (

ACTS course equivalency numbers for EACC courses are listed below and under each course description in the departmental sections of the catalog.

ART 1003 Art Appreciation (ACTS ARTA 1003)

ART 2023 Art History I (ACTS ARTA 2003)

ART 2103 Art History II (ACTS ARTA 2103)

BIO 1014/1010 General Biology/Lab (ACTS BIOL 1014)

BIO 1614/1610 General Zoology/Lab (ACTS BIOL 1054)

BIO 2114/2110 Anat/Phys I/Lab (ACTS BIOL 2404)

BIO 2134/2110 Anat/Phys II/Lab (ACTS BIOL 2414)

BIO 2504/2500 Microbiology/Lab (ACTS BIOL 2004)

BUS 1003 Intro to Business (ACTS BUSI 1013)

BUS 1343 Computer Keyboarding I (ACTS BUSI 1103)

BUS 1603 Computer Fundamentals (ACTS CPSI 1003)

BUS 2013 Technical Communication (ACTS ENGL 2023)

BUS 2033 Legal Env of Business (ACTS BLAW 2003)

BUS 2073 Business Statistics (ACTS BUSI 2103)

BUS 2113 Principles of Accounting I (ACTS ACCT 2003)

BUS 2123 Principles of Accounting II (ACTS ACCT 2013)

BUS 2513 Fundamentals of Marketing (ACTS MKTG 2003)

BUS 2553 Business Communication (ACTS BUSI 2013)

CHE 1024 Gen Education Chemistry (ACTS CHEM 1004)

CHE 1214/1210 Coll Chemistry I/Lab (ACTS CHEM 1414)

CHE 1234/1230 Coll Chemistry II/Lab (ACTS CHEM 1424)

CJS 1003 Intro to Criminal Justice (ACTS CRJU 1023)

DRA 1003 Theatre Appreciation (ACTS DRAM 1003)

ECO 2103 Prin of Macroeconomics (ACTS ECON 2103)

ECO 2203 Prin of Microeconomics (ACTS ECON 2203)

ENG 1013 English Composition I (ACTS ENGL 1013)

ENG 1023 English Composition II (ACTS ENGL 1023)

ENG 2073 World Literature I (ACTS ENGL 2113)

ENG 2083 World Literature II (ACTS ENGL 2123)

ENG 2183 Western Literature I (ACTS ENGL 2213)

ENG 2193 British Literature I (ACTS ENGL 2673)

ENG 2243 Amer Lit before 1865 (ACTS ENGL 2653)

ENG 2253 Amer Lit Since 1865 (ACTS ENGL 2663)

ENG 2283 Western Literature II (ACTS ENGL 2223)

ENG 2293 British Literature II (ACTS ENGL 2683)

FRE 1014 Elementary French I (ACTS FREN 1013)

FRE 1024 Elementary French II (ACTS FREN 1023)

FRE 2014 Intermediate French I (ACTS FREN 2013)

FRE 2024 Intermediate French II (ACTS FREN 2023)

GEO 1003 World Geography (ACTS GEOG 2103)

GEO 2223 Physical Geography (ACTS GEOG 2223)

HIS 1013 Western Civilization I (ACTS HIST 1213)

HIS 1023 Western Civilization II (ACTS HIST 1223)

HIS 2033 US History Before 1865 (ACTS HIST 2113)

HIS 2043 US History Since 1865 (ACTS HIST 2123)

HPR 2113 Health and Safety (ACTS HEAL 1003)

MTH 1013 College Mathematics (ACTS MATH 1003)

MTH 1113 College Algebra (ACTS MATH 1103)

MTH 1123 College Trigonometry (ACTS MATH 1203)

MTH 1213 Quantitative Literacy (ACTS MATH 1113)

MTH 1224 Precalculus Mathematics (ACTS MATH 1305)

MTH 2103 Introduction to Statistics (ACTS MATH 2103)

MTH 2114 Survey of Calculus (ACTS MATH 2203)

MTH 2214 Calculus I (ACTS MATH 2405)

MTH 2224 Calculus II (ACTS MATH 2505)

MTH 2234 Calculus III (ACTS MATH 2603)

MUS 1003 Music Appreciation (ACTS MUSC 1003)

PHL 1003 Intro to Philosophy (ACTS PHIL 1103)

PHS 1014/1010 Prin of Geology/Lab (ACTS GEOL 1114)

PHS 1214/1210 Physical Science/Lab (ACTS PHSC 1004)

PHY 2114/2110 Gen Physics I/Lab (ACTS PHYS 2014)

PHY 2134/2130 Gen Physics II/Lab (ACTS PHYS 2024)

PSC 2003 American Government (ACTS PLSC 2003)

PSC 2013 State and Local Govt (ACTS PLSC 2103)

PSY 1003 General Psychology (ACTS PSYC 1103)

PSY 2003 Developmental Psychology (ACTS PSYC 2103)

SOC 1013 Intro to Sociology (ACTS SOCI 1013)

SOC 2003 Social Problems (ACTS SOCI 2013)

SOC 2043 Cultural Anthropology (ACTS ANTH 2013)

SPA 1114 Elementary Spanish I (ACTS SPAN 1013)

SPA 1124 Elementary Spanish II (ACTS SPAN 1023)

SPA 2114 Intermediate Spanish I (ACTS SPAN 2013)

SPA 2124 Intermediate Spanish II (ACTS SPAN 2023)

SPE 1003 Intro to Communication (ACTS SPCH 1003)

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