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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Upcoming Board Meetings

August 12, 2021  EACC Boardroom 6PM
November 11, 2021 EACC Boardroom 6PM
February 10, 2022 EACC Boardroom 6PM
May 19, 2022 EACC Boardroom 6PM

Board Policy
BP 1-25

Authorization to Allow the Community College to Purchase Commodities and Services from Board Members

Board Members may conduct business with East Arkansas Community College under the following circumstances:

Competitive bids on all items not exceeding an estimated purchase price of $10,000 and competitive sealed bids must be taken on all items above that figure. Specifications for commodities or services must not be proprietary or sole source. All other state purchasing laws will apply. State contract items must be purchased from the appropriate state contract.

When any Board Member would derive financial gain from a sale, and if the Board is required to vote on the purchase, that Board Member shall not vote on that issue.

The President shall maintain for a period of five years a file of all documents pertaining to sales/purchases under this policy.

No member of the community college Board of Directors shall, in an effort to influence the College to purchase commodities or services from him:

  1. Coerce, bribe or threaten economic sanctions against any Board Member or employee or the College in an effort to influence the decision on the purchase; or
  2. Purposely omit, conceal or falsify material facts to a Board Member or employee regarding the transaction.

Legal Reference:   ACA 6-61-613

Policy Adopted:    June 8, 1989

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