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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

We provide affordable, accessible learning opportunities to promote student success and strengthen our community.

Vision Statement

Through our service as an academic and economic leader, we will empower students and our community to succeed through business and industry partnerships, cultural enrichment, and educational programming.

Role and Scope 

East Arkansas Community College is a comprehensive two-year college dedicated to meeting the educational needs of its service area. The College is dedicated to being a partner, a resource, a facilitator, and a leader for social and economic improvement and continued growth of our community, region, and state.  East Arkansas Community College offers an education program including, but not limited to, technical occupational programs, freshman and sophomore general education transfer programs, specialty courses, continuing education courses, and workforce development to meet the needs of the emerging and existing industries. EACC offers both certificate and associate degree programs as well as noncredit training to accomplish this purpose and to support state and regional economic development goals.  The college offers a variety of courses and services to support business and industry and economic needs of our state and region. EACC is a student-centered college focused on meeting the learning needs of the student through strong counseling, guidance, and comprehensive support services. East Arkansas Community College is supported by a millage in its taxing district of St. Francis County. It is governed by a nine (9) member Board of Trustees whose members are appointed by the Governor from among the citizens of the taxing district.

Core Competencies

The faculty, staff, and students at East Arkansas Community College identified four competencies that every EACC student should master before graduation. Those four competencies are the core to the educational goals of the college and every program is evaluated using the core competencies.

The first core competency is communication. It is expected that every graduate of East Arkansas Community College will be able to communicate effectively and clearly. The EACC graduates will have demonstrated the ability to comprehend the written works, write in a clear and effective manner, listen and effectively comprehend the spoken word, and organize their ideas and clearly convey those ideas through speech and oration.

The second core competency is critical thinking. Every graduate of EACC will demonstrate the ability to analyze information, interpret graphical and numerical data, demonstrate information fluency, and effectively solve problems.

The third core competency is personal and global awareness. Every graduate of East Arkansas Community College will demonstrate the ability to effectively evaluate their personal knowledge and abilities, learn the appropriate social skills to be successful in their careers and in life, and be able to manage their personal health and wellness effectively. Every graduate will also have a greater appreciation for the arts and sciences, and will have been given the tools to understand the importance of and to cultivate an appreciation for diversity and global issues.

The fourth core competency of EACC academics is academic proficiency and professional development. It is the goal of East Arkansas Community College to have every graduate of the college demonstrate a practical application of the knowledge learned, to master an adequate amount of technology and computer skills to be successful in their chosen field and in life, to acquire the workplace skills necessary for future success, to develop and maintain a professional attitude, and to become motivated to pursue life-long learning.

These abilities are needed to insure professional success in the workplace and in future endeavors. Every student that successfully learns these four core competencies will have the tools to succeed and flourish in their future education, their jobs, and their life after EACC.

East Arkansas Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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