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Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities

 Stronger Together: Strategic Priorities 2018-2021


What we do and why we do it.

We provide affordable, accessible learning opportunities to promote student success and strengthen our community.


Who we want to be and what we aspire to achieve.

Through our service as an academic and economic leader, we will empower students and our community to succeed through business and industry partnerships, cultural enrichment, and educational programming.



Focused planning that will help us carry out our mission and achieve our vision while exhibiting the values we share.

Strategic Priority 1. FOSTER STUDENT SUCCESS through retention, completion, and student-friendly processes, policies, and procedures.

Strategies to Achieve Strategic Priority #1:
1. Analyze and use data to improve fall-to-spring and fall-to-fall retention.
2. Implement Guided Pathways and Fast Track paths.
3. Research, design, and establish new and/or innovative student supports.
4. Conduct assessment mini-cycle to better use and understand data and processes.
5. Target completion of 15 and 30 credit hours as points of success.
6. Target completion of gateway courses that are predictors of success.
7. Improve enrollment, registration, and graduation policies and procedures to ensure they are student friendly.

Strategic Priority 2. INCREASE ENROLLMENT through community and business outreach, focused marketing and recruitment, new or expanded use of modern marketing and recruitment tools, and long- and short-range planning.

Strategies to Achieve Strategic Priority #2:
1. Engage the community through intensive outreach campaign to civic groups, community events, church groups, clubs and organizations, or other gatherings of community members.
2. Intensify business and industry outreach efforts.
3. Focus marketing and recruitment efforts on particular populations.
4. Add or expand use of modern marketing and recruitment tools.
5. Explore adding new degree or certificate programs.
6. Increase quantity and improve quality of online programs, learning, and interactions.

Strategic Priority 3. IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS between College and community, College and students and intra-departmentally within the College.

Strategies to Achieve Priority #3:
1. Comprehensively review, revise, and share College policies and procedures to ensure consistency across documents and establish homogeneity among College documents to aid in comprehension.
2. Increase utilization of standing committees.
3. Engage in short- and long-term planning and share plans and results.
3. Engage in an intensive service-area community outreach campaign.
4. Increase institutional activities and communications.

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