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Admission Categories

Admission Categories

Degree Seeking

  1. A completed "Application for Admission" form.
  2. High school, GED, or college transcripts. A high school or GED transcript is required for those students with no previous college experience. Transfer students must provide official transcripts from all previously attended colleges.
  3. Proof of immunization against measles and rubella (MMR). Arkansas state law requires that all full-time students must provide proof of immunization after 1968 against measles and rubella. EACC recommends current immunizations for all students. Immunization records may be obtained from the Health Department or from the student's high school or family physician.
  4. Placement test scores. Students who have not taken previous college classes in Math and English/Reading must provide an American College Testing (ACT) student profile report or Assessment of Skills for Successful Entry and Transfer (ACCUPLACER) scores. The ACCUPLACER test is offered on the EACC campus.

Non-degree Seeking

  1. Concurrent or Dually Enrolled High School Student
    A student in grades 9 through 12 who is enrolled for concurrent (high school and college) or dual (college only) credit. In addition to the regular admission requirements, high school students must submit a letter of recommendation from their principal or designee.
  2. Transient Student
    A non-degree seeking student whose primary enrollment is at another post-secondary institution. In addition to regular admission requirements, transient students must show proof of good standing at their primary institution prior to registration.
  3. Special Status Student
    Any non-degree seeking student who is not a concurrent or dually enrolled high school student or a transient student. Special status students are not required to submit transcripts or placement test scores unless they enroll in non-remedial Math or English classes.
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