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Library Services

Library Services

Loan Periods

Books - Two weeks
Videos - Three days
All other materials are for in-Library use only, unless otherwise indicated.

Online Databases

The Library offers access to numerous online databases to EACC Faculty, Staff, and Students. These databases provide tremendous sources for papers, speeches, or other class presentations. These scholarly sources can be accessed from either on or off campus. For additional information, see a Library staff member.

Interlibrary Loan

The EACC Library is part of a consortium of libraries that share resources. This allows us to get from other libraries books and journal articles that may not be a part of our collection. If there is a book or journal article that you need that we do not have at EACC, we most likely will be able to access that information through interlibrary loan. Please allow ten business days for these items to arrive. ILL forms can be picked up at the EACC Library's reference desk. This service is available for free to EACC Faculty, Staff, and Students.


The Library houses numerous newspapers and journals. Newspapers are archived for three months and journals are archived for five years plus the current year. The library has thousands of additional scholarly journals available through our online databases.

Student ID's

Student ID's and Library cards are made in the Library.

Computer Labs

There is one open computer lab that allows access to the internet, word processing software, and other services. This lab is open to EACC Faculty, Staff, Students, and the general public.

Also, there is a computer lab in L-112 that is open for students enrolled in specific multimedia courses.

Study Rooms

There are two study rooms in the Library that are good places to study, have group meetings, or view videos. Reservations are not required but can be made in advance for these rooms.

Faculty Reserves

Faculty may have materials on reserve at the Library. These materials are for student use within the Library, unless otherwise determined by the instructor.

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