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Career Service Bonuses

Career Service Bonuses

Department of Transformation and Shared Services
Office of Personnel Management

Policy Title: Career Service Recognition Payments
Authority: Ark. Code Ann.§ 21-5-106
Policy Number: 23
Revised: December 4, 2019

State agencies may recognize the longevity of state employees for their years of service to the state.

Employees who satisfy the eligibility requirements may be awarded annual lump sum career service recognition payments on the next regularly scheduled pay cycle after the completion of state service based on the following schedule:

10-14 Years $800
15-19 Years $1,000
20-24 Years $1,200
25 or more years $1,500

To receive the full amount of the recognition payment, the service must have been in regular full-time positions.

Employees who work part-time in regular salary positions may receive annual career service recognition payments on a pro rata basis.

Authorized leave without pay and leave for military service when veteran's reemployment rights are exercised will not preclude an employee from being eligible for the career service payment.

The payments are subject to state and federal tax withholding and are included by retirement systems to determine benefits.

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