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Student Complaint Procedure

Student Complaint Procedure

There are many methods through which students (as well as faculty, staff, and the community) may communicate anything they wish with EACC. It is the College’s desire to provide a “no wrong door” emphasis regarding the reporting of student complaints. Therefore, any means by which a student submits a complaint that is not covered under a separate policy (such as academic grievance) will be directed through the following complaint process to ensure student complaints are documented and addressed. 

Process and Procedures:

1. If a student feels that s/he has been treated unfairly, a student may bring a complaint to any staff member with whom s/he feels comfortable; then, the staff member will recommend to the student the appropriate channel to utilize.

2. A student may also independently file a Student Complaint Form, which will be routed to the Office of the Associate Vice President for Student Success for processing. The Associate Vice President or his/her designee will then follow up with the student within a reasonable timeframe, in most instances within three to five business days, to help guide him or her in seeking resolution or to verify that all other efforts to resolve the issue have been exhausted.

3. When a student has a complaint that is unrelated to a grade dispute, allegation of discrimination, or other grievance for which an independent policy and procedure exist, the complaint will be logged by the receiving office and will include the student’s name (if consent obtained), the date, the area or department, a narrative of the complaint, documentation of steps toward resolution, documentation of timeframe/communication with parties to the complaint, and final decision, which should include recommendations, actions, and/or resulting changes to policy or procedure.

4. All complaint logs will be submitted to the Vice President for Transfer Education following the conclusion each academic term (Summer II, Fall, Spring, and Summer I). An annual review of all complaint logs will be conducted by the Vice President for Transfer Education to determine institutional improvements through policy or procedure review and to address trends that may warrant intervention or corrective action.

5. The student complaint process is not to be used for a grade dispute, discrimination, or other grievance for which a separate policy and procedure exist. If a student wishes to file a formal complaint of this nature, s/he will be guided in a timely, professional, and compassionate way to the EACC Student Handbook for additional details. The complaint process is the same for students enrolled in online courses as well as for students that may reside out-of-state.  Any student that has followed the institution's grievance policy and wishes to appeal to the Arkansas Division of Higher Education may do so at   Arkansas Department of Higher Education - Students-Parents - Student Grievance Form (

Student Complaint Form

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