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Learning Center (Tutoring)

Learning Center (Tutoring)

Welcome to the Learning Center!

The Learning Center, located in the Welcome Center Building, provides a quiet, user-friendly location to study, engage in research for class projects and to receive tutoring. Print materials and resources are also available and include handouts on Study Tips, Punctuation and Grammar Tips, MLA and APA Formatting, and graphic calculator use.

Each semester the Learning Center provides tutors who can assist with a variety of subjects. And while no appointment is necessary to receive tutoring, we encourage students to call or drop by to explore the options and availability of tutoring in the desired subject.

An additional resource to assist you with tutoring, supplemental instruction or other types of course and classroom assistance is Learning Express.

 Learning Center Policy:

  • Students must sign in upon entering and sign out when leaving The Learning Center.
  • Help us to maintain a quiet study environment.
  • Learning Center computers are provided for college work and related research, not for recreation or entertainment.
  • Cell phones must not be used while in The Learning Center.
  • All food and drinks must be kept out of The Learning Center.
  • Children should not be brought to The Learning Center for their safety and to maintain a quiet study environment.

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