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EastArk Secondary Center

EastArk Secondary Center

A student admitted under the East Ark Secondary Career Center (ESCC) "Concurrent Enrollment" Admission is one who is currently enrolled in high school, grades 10-12, and enrolling for classes under a specified program of study.

Prospective Students apply for admission to ESCC through their local high school Counselor. Must have a 2.0 GPA or better and no discipline problems in order to enroll in an ESCC available, approved program of study through the Arkansas Department of Career Education. Students are required to post scores on a college admission test such as Accuplacer, ACT or SAT.

Who We Serve

ESCC serves area high schools within the EACC service area. Services are provided at no cost to the students. Books, tuition, and fees are provided through the Center and funded by a training fee paid by the local school districts and by funds provided through the Department of Workforce Education.

What We Do

ESCC has the following primary goals:

  • To assist students in making more informed career choices. Students select a technical program of study based on their aptitude and interest. The knowledge and experience gained at the Center will enable students to make more intelligent career choices.
  • To prepare students for the world of work upon high school graduation. The programs of study at ESCC teach students marketable skills and lead to professional certifications, certificates of proficiency, or technical certificates from East Arkansas Community College.
  • To encourage students to continue their education after high school. ESCC classes are credited at both the high school and college level. Students can acquire college credits while in high school which will count toward a degree, certificate, or advanced certification program.

For more information please contact Christine Williams: (870) 633-4480 ext. 284


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