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EACC Presents The Ugly Duckling Family Series Show

EACC presents the Family Series performance of The Ugly Duckling on Saturday, January 14 at 3:00 p.m. in the EACC Fine Arts Center.  Tickets go on sale Monday, November 28th at 10:00 a.m.

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic “The Ugly Duckling” has helped generations of children understand one of humanity’s universal struggles.  Lightwire Theater brings the classic story to the modern stage offering hope to all as the audience roots for the ugly duckling who exemplifies resilience and heroism along the way to becoming a beautiful swan. 

Of the five eggs in Mother Duck’s nest, one is the largest and last to hatch.  Bigger and paler than the others, the hatchling is treated as an outsider by Mother Duck and her ducklings.  Knowing only rejection, this Ugly Duckling goes out into the wild alone.  Reflecting upon his plight under the glow of a willow tree, he sees a wily cat creeping in the direction of Mother Duck’s nest.  The Ugly Duckling follows and watches as one lagging duckling is captured and taken back to the cat’s lair.  In true heroic fashion, this Ugly Duckling succeeds in vanquishing the cat and rescuing the captured duckling.  Celebrated by Mother Duck and her ducklings for his uniqueness, all realize that he may have been an ugly duckling, but he has grown into a beautiful and powerful swan. 

Lightwire Theater, with its dazzling visuals, poignant choreography and creative use of music ranging from classical to jazz to pop, literally brings the classic tale into a new and brilliant light. In association with Corbian Visual Arts and Dance, Lightwire Theater uses cutting edge technology, moving sculpture, and dance for an unforgettable theatrical experience.  

Founded by Ian and Eleanor Carny and in conjuction with Corbian Visual Arts and Dance, LIghtwire Theater began production of their first performance in 2011.  Using Corbian’s signature electroluminescent puppetry, Lightwire Theater has adapted several classic tales for the stage using the technology of “EL wire.” Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Lightwire Theater has become internationally recognized for their signature brand of electroluminescent artistry, poignant storytelling and music scores designed to evoke imagery, and Lightwire continues to create and deliver innovative theatrical experiences to audiences worldwide.  In 2012, Lightwire Theater was featured on the popular NBC show “America’s Got Talent,” and during the fall of 2014, Lightwire Theater also had the opportunity to compete in truTV’s “Fake Off” competition.

Tickets for The Ugly Duckling are $14.50 and may be purchased online, by calling 870-633-4480, ext. 352, or in person at the Fine Arts Center Ticket Office.  Family Series season ticket packages are available and save 20%. The EACC Fine Arts Center is located at 1700 Newcastle Road in Forrest City right off of I-40, forty miles from Memphis. Stay connected to EACC Fine Arts Center on Facebook (EACCFineArtsCenter).

Ugly Duckling cover art on a black background with laser like overlays of ducks

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