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Possible Vendor Data Security Incident

Possible Vendor Data Security Incident

National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), the nation's largest provider of postsecondary transcript services, has recently identified a security breach. This breach, affecting higher education institutions across the country, potentially includes East Arkansas Community College, which utilizes NSC for federally mandated enrollment certifications and transcript services. It is important to note that no systems operated or maintained by East Arkansas Community College were breached, as this incident is localized to the National Student Clearinghouse systems.

Please be aware that this breach encompasses multiple organizations and higher education institutions across the United States. Consequently, the investigation is expected to be extensive and may require a significant amount of time before its completion. NSC has indicated that every effort is being made to expedite the process and provide anyone affected with the necessary information as soon as possible.

A comprehensive review is underway, working with leaders from the vendors and outside cybersecurity experts to determine what information was impacted. More information can be found on the NSC website

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