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Letter to Students from EACC President 4/16/2020

Dear EACC Students,

This semester all of our lives suddenly changed overnight. Everything we had planned had to be adjusted to a new reality.  EACC understands you are feeling all kinds of emotions as we engage in new ways of learning and new ways of living.

The struggle you are going through may have you feeling uncertain and insecure about the future.  We want to provide you a measure of certainty regarding your academic progress.

To help you feel more confident about your grades, EACC is implementing a Credit/No Credit grading policy that places control of your final grade in your hands and that may be exercised after you receive your final letter grade in a class. Our CR/NC policy places the power of decision about your grades within your control so you can feel confident that your goals will not be hindered by the current crisis. 

The credit/no credit policy will allow students to convert their final course grade to a CR (credit) or NC (no credit). Neither of these grades will be calculated in GPA, and therefore will not affect grade point averages. However, a CR will result in you receiving credit for the course and will count as having passed the course; this will allow you to make progress in your degree program and move on to the next step. It is important that you continue to make progress toward your goals.

For this semester, upon course completion, faculty will assign students a letter grade. Students will then have two choices: (1) keep the assigned letter grade or (2) convert the letter grade to a CR (credit) or NC (no credit).  This will allow you to decide if you want to keep your letter grade or not. The decision to pursue the NC or CR option is entirely up to you.

For those for whom this semester has been disruptive, the option to convert the final letter grade to CR or NC is offered to prevent any negative impact on GPA caused by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The details of the CR/NC grading policy are outlined below. Please email if you have any questions.

I also want to remind you that you are not alone.  We are still here. You can reach out in person, by phone, or by email any time you have a need or concern.

In order to stay connected and to continue a feeling of community, EACC is offering multiple opportunities for interaction and engagement. Please consider joining in some of the activities or using some of EACC's supportive services so that you can continue to feel connected to us and to one another.

Methods of communication that we use include College email, social media, text, and telephone. Please try to engage with us as a means of coping with the current crisis.

If you have any feelings of concern or anxiety, or if you have any needs that are not being met, we urge you to email We will do all within our power to help you feel better and to help you find a solution. You may also reach out to me or any of our supportive staff and faculty. The Betty Jo Hodges Student Services Center remains open for students and counselors are available to help you. The Little Food Pantry is operational and is available on campus 24/7 for your use.

Plans are underway for a fun and engaging virtual graduation. We will provide you with details as soon as they are finalized. We are looking forward to celebrating your success.

Life continues. Registration for summer and fall is underway. We will survive this crisis and emerge stronger and better learners, educators, and human beings.

Your goals will be achieved and your best life awaits you.

We miss you!  Stay connected with us,

Cathie Cline

East Arkansas Community College

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