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EACC Enrollment Gains Highest in Arkansas

EACC experienced the highest overall percentage increase in enrollment of all public colleges and universities in Arkansas for fall 2019.

According to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's preliminary fall 2019 enrollment report, EACC's 1-year increase is 17.9 percent with a total fall 2019 enrollment of 1,357 students, 1,002 non-high school enrollment (college-level students only) and 355 high school students. 

"I am so proud of our enrollment gains.  They have been hard won through the faculty and staff working together and working as one institution," said Dr. Cathie Cline, EACC President.  "We have made many improvements and are glad that the communities we serve recognize the educational value we provide," she added. 

"The one year increase of 17.90% is especially gratifying because although we were one institution last year, it shows we are continuing to improve as the new and unique institution we have become," said Cline.  "In this era of declining enrollments, in an area of the state with a declining and aging population, any gain is impressive.  The gains we achieved are extraordinary and reflect the extraordinary people who work and learn here," she said.

ADHE's fall 2019 enrollment reports show an overall decline in higher education statewide with 82% of two-year colleges reporting a decrease in total enrollment over the last five years. Over 91% of two-year colleges experienced a decline in college-level enrollment over the last five years.  EACC experienced growth in every enrollment measurement in the ADHE report.  EACC is the only public postsecondary institution - 2-year or 4-year - to show increases in every category, high school, non-high school, total enrollment, 1-year, and 5-year gains. 

"We compared well with our neighboring institutions, many of whom have significant resources we do not have in terms of industry, population, foundation income, and community wealth," said Dr. Cline.

EACC's enrollment for fall 2019 increased in both high school and college level students.  "We are pleased with both increases.  Many people are not aware that we serve high school students in five counties and provide university transfer, career and technical education, and vocational education.  Our transfer courses routinely save students thousands of dollars when they go to a university with coursework already completed, and our technical and vocational programs provide high school students who wish to work a way to get a job immediately after high school graduation," said Cline.

Chart showing ADHE Growth

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