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Campus Directory

Campus Directory

 Title Ext.             
Adams, Ed Director of Computer Services 220  
Adams, Keuna Administrative Specialist I  270  
Anderson, Diane Administrative Specialist I 298  
Anderson, Teresa Adult Ed Secretary 122  
Andrews, Pam Nursing Assistant Instructor 138  
Bailey, Falisha Administrative Specialist I 870-238-4593  
Bean, Helen Administrative Assistant I 309  
Bingham, Kevin W.O.R.K Coordinator 245  
Black, Sarah Coordinator of Student Support Services 303  
Bledsoe, Tracy Administrative Specialist III Student Affairs 217  
Bolton, Lynett Rad Tech, Clinical Coordinator 370  
Brasfield, Logan Continuing Education 261  
Brawner, Janet Administrative Specialist III, Finance and Administration 212  
Brewer, Harold Concession 633-6533  
Bridges, Shannon Administrative Specialist I 310  
Brown, Carl History Faculty 243  
Brown, Kevin Major Appliance Instructor 118  
Bumgarner, Mike Residential Construction Instructor 134  
Burgess, Anderson Computer Technician 155  
Chadwick, Denise Payroll Technician 204  
Cline, Cathie President 209  
Coleman, Catherine Vice President for Student Affairs 218  
Collier, Sharon Director of Enrollment Management 219  
Colvin, Cathy Assistant Director of Financial Aid 227  
Cone, Sam EMT/Paramedic Director 269  
Crisp, Dana Director of Secondary Career Center/ Distance Learning and University Center 344  
Dillard, Carly Marketing Coordinator
Evans, Samuel Auto Mechanics instructor 127  
Feagin, Debra Adult Ed 149  
Fowler, Bob Computer Lab Assistant 361  
Fowler, Gina Student Accounts/Fiscal Support Specialist 346  
Freligh, Tammy Drama/Speech Faculty 332  
Fronabarger, Alan Welding Instructor/Helper 130  
Fryer, Karon TABE Testing 136  
Gilley, Danny Business & Industry 347  
Grantham, Daniel English Faculty 236  
Grommet, Allen Math/Physics Faculty 262  
Grommet, Lynn Nursing Faculty 268  
Guest, Susan Purchasing Specialist 221  
Haggans, Chris Personnel Officer 343  
Hale, Tom Web-Based Services Specialist 369  
Hamm, Tammy Nursing Secretary 157  
Harland, Clara Bookstore Manager 354  
Hartman, Brett Diesel Technology Instructor 870-630-2198  
Hawkins, Andrea Student Services 120  
Hawkins, Marilyn Counselor/Coordinator of Advising and Testing  302  
Heigle, Chris Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Title III
Hill, Debbie Nursing Instructor 154  
Hixon, Lisa Lab Tech Supervisor 296  
Hodges, Dave Technology & Transportation Center Coordinator 870-630-2198  
Horton, Roni Coordinator of Recruitment 232  
Hughes, Caleb Network Support Analyst 241  
Jackson, Christy Fiscal Support Supervisor 276  
Jackson, Robert HVAC Instructor 147  
James, Errin Arkansas Works College and Career Coach 252  
James, Jackie Title III Activity Director/Distance Education Specialist  253  
Johnson, Andrew Auto Mechanics Instructor 127  
Johnson, Marilyn Early Childhood Education 292  
Jones, Ashley Reading Faculty 254  
Jones, Niki Director of Development/Arts Center Manager 352  
Jordan, Rhonda Administrative Specialist II 333  
Jumper, Kevin Director of Student Financial Aid 225  
Kelso, Anne Administrative Specialist III 210  
Kennedy, Adam Webmaster 242  
Kennedy, Kyleigh Nursing Instructor 156  
Keysacker, Betty Adult Ed Instructor 162  
Koelling, Preston Criminal Justice Faculty 244  
Laird, Shelly Financial Aid 140  
Laws, Paige Director of Library Services 297  
Lawson, Kevin Diesel Technology Instructor 630-2198  
Lewis, Don Math / Science Faculty 287  
Lieblong, Janet Math Faculty 229  
Macklin, Cedric Off Campus Coordinator-TCD 870-238-4593  
Martin, Rickey Welding Instructor 130  
McBride, Heather Director of Workforce Development 256  
McClain, Jodi EAST Facilitator 291  
McEwen, Beatrice Learning Transfer Specialist 231  
Midkiff, Lindsay Executive Director Public Relations and Community Programs
Millard, Dee Biology/Microbiology Faculty 260  
Miller, Josephine Cosmetology Instructor 152  
Mitchell, Edith Student Services Coordinator 350  
Moody, Terri Director of Nursing 266  
Moore, Richard Auto Body Instructor 137  
Morris, Hannah Clinical Coordinator-Radiologic Technology 271  
Nichols, Tobey Administrative Specialist I 285  
O'mell, Kristin ABE Instructor
Parker, Jim Renewable Energy instructor/IET 133  
Patterson, Jo Math Faculty 264  
Patton, Robbin Admin Specialist I 300  
Perkins, Patricia Transportation 164  
Rhea, Sherry Equine Faculty 228  
Richmond, James Math Instructor 345  
Rodgers, Carol Math Faculty 330  
Rodgers, Clyde English Faculty 234  
Roebuck, Jeffrey CDI/ Third Party Tester 142  
Rogers, Jatoria Administrative Specialist I 216  
Rogers, Josh Technical Manager Fine Arts Center  362  
Russell, Samantha Student Activities
Sanders, Heath Sociology Faculty 246  
Sanders, Ike Director of Campus Safety & Building Services
Sauls, John English Faculty 235  
Sharp, Samantha Coordinator Career & Transfer Services 281  
Smith, Barbara Library Support Assistant 322  
Smith, Dennis Math Faculty 263  
Smith, Donna Nursing Faculty 223  
Smith, Kay Nursing Faculty 265  
Smith, Orlean Administrative Specialist I 230  
Smith, Yalonda Communications Instructor 278  
Souheaver, Harold Psychology Faculty 277  
Stallings, Layla Data Analyst/Perkins Coordinator
Stidham, Gayla Administrative Specialist I 870-630-2198  
Stipe, Richard Vice President for Finance and Administration 208  
Summers, Robert Vice President 114  
Swan, Jacki Controller 211  
Sweet, Caitlyn Administrative Specialist I 335  
Thompson, Ron Computer Repair Instructor 146  
Tinsley, Melvin Counselor 304  
Vance, Gail Cashier 202  
Vandiver, Jennifer Gladlands TBI 353  
Vowan, Ruth Ann Music Faculty 255  
Wallace, Janice Financial Aid Specialist 224  
Ward, Tik Coordinator of Off-Campus Projects/Data Analyst  249  
Washington, Carlos Lab Supervisor 240  
West, Laura Administrative Specialist I 372  
White, Christy History Faculty 237  
Wilburn, Angela Literacy Coordinator 250  
Williams, Christine Arkansas Works College and Career Coach Coordinator 311  
Williams, David Computer Technician 148  
Williams, Vicki Business Faculty 290  
Willis, Mildred Administrative Specialist II 301  
Wilson, Michelle Vice President for Transfer Education and Academic Support
Winfrey-Hull, Peggy Business Faculty 226  
Young, Darlene Administrative Specialist III 328  
Young, Vicki Child Care Instructor


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