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Arkansas Course Transfer

Arkansas Course Transfer

Transferability of Courses
Statewide Articulation Agreement
Arkansas Act 98 of 1989 provides that the State Board of Higher Education “shall establish in consultation with the colleges and universities a minimum core of courses which shall apply toward the general education core curriculum requirements for baccalaureate degrees at state supported institutions of higher education and which shall be fully transferable between state institutions.”

State Minimum Core Curricula
1. The A.A. degree must include the following courses:
English Composition 6 Hours
Fine Arts/Humanities 6 Hours
(including 3 hours survey of literature-must be broad survey courses)
Speech 3 Hours
College Algebra (or course as sophisticated as College Algebra)3 Hours
Laboratory Science 8 Hours
Social Sciences 9 Hours
(Including 3 hours in U.S. History or Government and 3 hours in Western Civilization)

Total Hours 35

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) contains information about the transferability of courses within Arkansas public colleges and universities. Students are guaranteed the transfer of applicable credits and the equitable treatment in the application of credits for the admissions and degree requirements. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as “No Comparable Course.” Additionally, courses with a “D” frequently do not transfer and institutional policies may vary. Explore the Arkansas Course Transfer System.

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