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Q. I cannot log on to the campus computer.

*NOTE* There are different user names and passwords for logging into the campus computers and Web based course applications.

A. Check if EACC is the domain (third line) selected.

    Have you changed your password recently?

    Try again to make sure there are no extra spaces (before or after name).

Q. How do I copy and paste?

A. Select section desired, right click, copy. Select destination, right click, paste.

Q. How do I print a Power Point with more than 1 slide per page?

A. Open file and then print preview. Find the section, "print what," at the top of the screen. Select desired printing.

Q. How do I take a snapshot of my screen?

A. Press "print screen" button on the keyboard. Open Microsoft Word, select edit and then paste.

Q. How do I send an attachment?

A. Fill out the email as usual. Click attachment or paper clip button. Locate the desired file through the browse button. Select file and attach.

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