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Computer Center Policy

Computer Center Policy

The Computer Education Center (CEC) has an open computer lab for students to work on school related assignments. Guest accounts are not permitted in this building, guest accounts are only available in the library.

The following guidelines are asked when visiting the CEC

  • No food or drinks are to be brought into the CEC.
  • Please keep a low tone. Noises echo throughout the CEC and disturb others.
  • Please keep cell phones on silent or turned off. All calls should be handled outside.
  • The math lab classroom will not be opened until the instructor is present.
  • Privileges can be denied for any behavior deemed inappropriate by the CEC staff.
  • All campus computer use is monitored. By logging in and clicking ok you consent to the EACC computer use policy.
  • Users may not change the configuration of the equipment or software, install personal software, listen or download music and download non school related files from the internet. The intentional introduction of viruses will result in the permanent loss of lab privileges.
  • Please do not try to fix computer or printer problems. Contact CEC staff for assistance.
  • Please do not allow anyone to use your account. Account sharing will result in the loss of computer privileges.
  • Please change your password often. This prevents others from accessing your account.
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