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  1. Determine whether the class is a credit or non-credit class. Any class beginning with a zero in the course number is non-credit. The last digit tells you how many hours the class is worth.
    Example: Elementary Algebra is MTH0953 - it is worth zero hours. College Algebra is MTH1113 - it is worth 3 hours.

  2. Each letter grade has been assigned a numerical value:
    A is worth 4 points
    B is worth 3 points
    C is worth 2 points
    D is worth 1 point
    F is worth 0 points
  3. Multiply each credit hour by the numerical value of the grade received in that class.
(College Alg) MTH 1113 3 hrs X B(3) = 9
(Biology) BIO 1014 4 hrs X B(3) = 12
(Concepts of Phys Activity) HPR 1732 2 hrs X A(4) = 8
(Writing Skills) ENG 0963 0 hrs X 0 = 0
Total 9 hrs = 29 points
  1. Divide the results (29) by the total hours attempted (9).


If it becomes necessary to drop a course, you must complete a drop form. This is to insure accurate record processing and it is your responsibility to comply. The drop will not be complete unless you follow each step in the order listed. Your drop is not complete until you complete all steps.

1. To obtain a drop form click here, or request one from the secretary in the Wynne office.

2. Fill in the course you wish to drop or add.

3. Obtain instructor's signature

4. Obtain advisor's signature

5. Return the form to the Registrar's office or the secretary in the Wynne office to complete the process.

For dropping online courses, contact your instructor or the Registrar's Office, by fax or email, and request to be dropped.


A student withdrawing from EACC must complete a withdrawal form. This is used when you are dropping every class and withdrawing from totally from EACC. Students are not considered officially withdrawn until this form has been completed and returned, and financial obligations to the College have been satisfied. To withdraw, complete the following steps:

1. To obtain a withdrawal form click hereor request one from the secretary in the Wynne office.

2. Fill in all the courses you are currently enrolled in.

3. Obtain instructor's signature.

4. Obtain advisor's signature.

5. Return the completed form to the Registrar's Office or the secretary in the Wynne Office to complete the process.

Proper withdrawal will protect the student's academic records by enabling them to receive "W"s in all courses and provide for refund of fees when appropriate. Students considering withdrawal are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisor before doing so.

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