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EACC Fine Arts Center Presents

The Temptations Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

2009 marks the 45th Anniversary of the Temptations’ first #1 hit. Since 1964, the Temptations have become one of the most iconic bands in the history of American music. Founding member Otis Williams originated the band in 1961, and the Temptations had their first #1 hit and tour in 1964-1965. Since then, the Temptations have become an institution noted for their precise choreography and blend of R&B vocal sensibilities. A continuous line up of 5 highly talented male singers working together as a vocal powerhouse has propelled the Temptations throughout their 45-year history. With a focus on the vocal ensemble rather than a lead singer, many singers have come and gone, yet (founding original member) Otis Williams has continued to keep the Temptations’ sound alive and at the top of the charts.

As members of the Rock n Roll Hall of fame and listed as one of the top 50 bands of all time in Rolling Stone Magazine, The Temptations have 4 Grammy awards, 18 #1 Billboard singles, 23 top ten singles and 10 top ten albums. With great songs, singers and a live stage show that continues to “wow” audiences around the world, the Temptations constantly enlist new fans as they continue to deliver their “Motown” vocal sound that made them famous. “Get ready, ‘cause here they come.”
“A History of American Pop Music in one band—The Temptations”

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Twenty five extraordinary tickets are available for those who would like to meet The Temptations. Contact Josh Rogers @ 870-633-4480 x362 for arrangements.


Special needs seating is available. Seats may be purchased through a ticket agent or the box office. Contact Josh Rogers @ 870-633-4480 x362 for arrangements.


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