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Drug Free Policy

A. Policy
The East Arkansas Community College institutional Drug Free Policy (updated April 1, 1994) is as follows:

East Arkansas Community college will not condone the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of any controlled substance.  Any        employee or student violating this policy will be subject to discipline up to and including termination-expulsion.  This College is committed to the maintenance of a drug/alcohol free workplace.  The standard code of conduct for employees and students prohibits illegal drug/alcohol involvement on its property or as a part of any of its sponsored activities.

B. Implementation
All students of East Arkansas Community College will be provided a copy of this policy as part of their registration. This policy will be posted on every campus bulletin board utilized for employee and student information. Revisions/reviews of this policy             and the drug prevention program will be made biennially or as required to determine its effectiveness and ensure that sanctions are consistently enforced.  The Coordinator for Student Activities is charged with this action.

C. Specifics

                1. Health Risks:   Different drugs have a variety of distinct, negative
                    effects on the human body.  These are broken down into the following                     major areas:

                                Suppression or acceleration of heart rate
                                Suppression or acceleration of breathing
                                Impaired vision
                                Drug dependency passed to an unborn child
                                Decreased oxygen circulation in the blood
                                Lack of control of bodily functions
                                Impaired coordination

Depressed state of mind
                                Impaired judgment and decision-making
                                Memory lapses
                                Distortion of time, space, and perception
                                Severe anxiety, panic, and paranoia
                                These are but a few effects.  The ultimate
                                negative effect is DEATH!  Drug overdoses,
                                depressed suicide, automobile accidents and a                                 host of other drug related deaths are in the
                                thousands annually.

                2. Public Intoxication:   A person who commits the offense of “Public                     Intoxication” if (1) he/she appears in a public place manifestly                     under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance to the degree                     that he/she is likely to endanger themselves or other persons or                     property, or that he/she unreasonably annoys persons in his/her                     vicinity, or (2) he/she consumes an alcoholic beverage in a public                     place.

                3. Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor:   A person commits the                     offense of “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” if, being an                     adult, he/she knowingly purchases or provides an alcoholic beverage                     for a minor.

                4.  Driving while intoxicated:   A person who drives a motorized vehicle                      while influenced or affected by the ingestion of alcohol, a controlled                      substance, or any intoxicant commits the offense of driving while                      intoxicated.

                5.  Possession, Manufacture or Delivery of Controlled Substance:   It is                      unlawful for any person to manufacture, deliver, or possess a                      controlled substance.

                6.  Legal Penalties and Sanction:   Local, State and Federal laws provide                      for a variety of penalties and sanctions that are based on the                      type and amount of drugs involved.  Prior convictions are also taken                      into account.  Local statue provides for a minimum of six (6) hours                      jail detention for the offense of DUI/DWI, even for passengers in the                      automobile.  The range of penalties/sanctions is drastic in nature and                      will inevitably result in prison, fines up to $250,000 and even forfeiture                      of personal and real property.


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