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E-mail Instructions & Policies

EACC students are provided an email account for the semester in which they are currently enrolled. This account will remain active until the week after finals. You may reach your account from any computer with internet access either on or off campus. EACC will use email for communication with students during the active semester. It is your responsibility to regularly check your EACC email Account. Failure to do so could result in missed notices or deadlines throughout the semester.

Please note the difference between the forward slash /and the back slash \

Domain\user name: eacc\lastname. firstname
Password: Eaccmmddyy (mmddyy=your date of birth)
RED letter indicates CAPITAL LETTER - password is case sensitive.

Password Reset Help

On the first class day of each fall and spring semester, EACC accounts are checked and those belonging to non-returning graduates and other former students no longer enrolled at EACC will be locked. Two weeks after that, these accounts will be purged. The purging of a EACC account includes deletion of the email account and its contents, the account and its contents, My Docs and its contents and loss of access to campus computers.

Non-returning students should establish alternate email accounts and save the contents of their accounts. Graduating students are encouraged to use an alternative email account when sending out resumes and other correspondence.

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