Wynne - Drop Courses


If it becomes necessary to drop a course, you must complete a drop form. This is to insure accurate record processing and it is your responsibility to comply. The drop will not be complete unless you follow each step in the order listed. Your drop is not complete until you complete all steps.

1. To obtain a drop form, click here or request one from the secretary in the Wynne office.

2. Fill in the course you wish to drop or add.

3. Obtain instructor's signature

4. Obtain advisor's signature

5. Return the form to the Registrar's office or the secretary in the Wynne office to complete the process.

For dropping online courses, contact your instructor or the Registrar's Office, by fax or email, and request to be dropped. To completely withdraw, click here.

The last date to drop a course is posted on the Academic Calendar.



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