Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a Distance Learning Class?

Please contact the staff in the Betty Jo Hodges building for more information.  You can also learn more about enrolling by going to the EACC college website: http://www.eacc.edu and click on Admission & Registration.

Are there any extra fees required to take an online class?

All Distance Learning Courses require an additional fee of $20.00 per course. Some online courses will require the purchase of an access code along with your textbook. When purchasing your books please tell the bookstore staff that you are enrolled in an online course; they will check to see if an access code is required and if additional fees apply.

How do I purchase books?

You can purchase your books from the bookstore if you come to our campus in Forrest City or Wynne. If you cannot come to the EACC Bookstore, the bookstore manager will send the required books to you. For more information, please go to www.eacc.edu, click on Bookstore. You can also send an email to the bookstore manager at dwilks@eacc.edu  or call Debbie Wilks at 870-633-4480, ext. 307.

How are tests given?

Check with your instructor or with the Distance Learning Coordinator; usually your exams are given online. However, there are a few instructors that require face-to-face exams. In this case you may be allowed to take the exam close to home by getting a Proctor in your area.

When can I log in to start my class, and how often should I log in?

Distance Learning Courses follow the same schedule as traditional EACC classes. You will be granted access to your online classroom at 8 a.m. on the first date of the semester. For more specific dates go to www.eacc.edu, click on the link Academic Calendar.

Log in to your class as soon as possible. Your instructor takes attendance in the online classroom, and excessive absences are reported. To ensure your success it is recommended that you log in and participate in the online class discussion at least three times each week.

Can I work at my own pace and will I be able to get help when I need it?

Online courses have a set schedule for assignments and testing. When you log in to your class check the syllabus and the calendar for assignments and tests due dates. It is recommended that you print a copy of the syllabus so that you can easily refer to it throughout your course.

EACC Distance Learning wants you to succeed. Give yourself a jump start by completing the WebCT Orientation, reviewing the course syllabus and contacting your instructor if you run into problems understanding the course content. Most instructors prefer email as a method of contact. If you have technical problems such as logging in or accessing the online classroom, contact the Distance Learning Coordinator or the WebCT Administrator.

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