Bookstore Information

Bookstore Hours:

8 AM - 4 PM Monday - Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday


The Student Center
Phone 870-633-4480 - Ext. 307

Debbie Wilks

Gail Vance


Fall 2015 Book List

Spring 2016 Book List

Taxes are not included in book price.

Book Buyback Information

A two week period will be allowed for the return of books due to:

Advisor Error
Classes that do not make

After this 2 week period, books may be returned only if a student is completely dropping out of school.

Book Buyback is held during the week of finals. Exact dates and times will be announced on the EACC Web Site and posted around the campus.  If the book is being reused by EACC you may bring it to the bookstore during this time.  Books will be bought back only during this time period.


Supplies: pens, pencils, highlighters, index cards, binders, folders, diskettes,

CDR&RW, zip disks, spiral notebooks, calculators, earphones, etc.




Logo Items:  totes, umbrellas, portfolios, CD holders, book bags, cups, diskette cases, backpacks, key rings, EACC Afghans, etc.


Apparel: T-shirts, caps, windbreakers, sweats, jackets, sweaters, etc.




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