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Email Forwarding Instructions

Users wishing to create a new forward to send their EACC e-mail to an external mail server will need to complete the following steps within Outlook Web Access:

1.    Log in to Outlook Web Access at

2.    In the lower left corner of the OWA page, you will find a Rules button in the Navigation Pane.  Click it to proceed to the Rules configuration screen.

Rules Button when Navigation Pane
is Expanded

Rules Button when
Navigation Pane is Collapsed

screen shot of rules button

screen shot of go to rules button

3.    Click the "New..." button near the top of the page to create a new rule.  A new "Edit Rule" window will open.  You may name this rule anything you like, or leave the rule name blank.
screen shot of New button
4.    Leave all fields set to their default and choose the radio button for "Forward it to".

5.    In the text box following "Forward it to" fill in the full e-mail address which you would like your e-mail forwarded to.
Caution 1: A typo in the address can cause your mail to disappear forever.  EACC cannot recover mail sent to an external Internet Service Provider.
Caution 2: Closing an account to which you are forwarding will cause your email to disappear forever.  EACC's systems do not know when you close an account so they will still attempt to send your messages to the address you provided.
(Note:  EACC cannot be held responsible for any lost or misdirected mail due to e-mail forwarding.  Please be aware of your e-mail hosting service's procedures and policies prior to establishing an e-mail forwarding rule.  EACC does not force users to forward their mail to an external Internet Service Provider, and users choose to forward their mail at their own discretion.)

6.    Be sure the uncheck the "Keep a copy in my Inbox" option or your EACC e-mail Inbox may fill up with messages preventing any mail from forwarding to your external mailbox.

7.    Click "Save and Close" located near the top of the page.  You may receive a warning about disabled rules from the Microsoft Outlook application.  Click OK if you do not have any disabled rules which were created by Microsoft Outlook.  If you are concerned about your rule sets already in place, please contact the CEC for assistance.  Most users will not be affected by this issue and may simply click OK to bypass the warning.
8.    You may receive a warning about enabling this rule for every message you receive.  Click OK.
9.    In the Rules configuration window, click "Save and Close"

10.  You may now click the "Log Off" button to end your OWA session.

If you wish to remove or modify a forward already put in place via the new method of creating rules in OWA, you may simply follow the steps above to access the Rules configuration window and delete or modify the rule already created.



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