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Internet Usage Policy


Those who access the Internet are required to read and agree to following guidelines. Violators may be subject to disciplinary action by the College as defined in the Student Handbook.

The following guidelines have been approved by the Academic Cabinet and adopted for use at East Arkansas Community College.

  • Users are required to sign in and to show a valid ID at the desk before each use of the internet.
  • Users are expected to respect the rights of others who are using the facilities by adhering to the posted rules, maintaining a quiet atmosphere conducive to study and using proper discretion regarding sites visited and the graphics displayed by the sites.
  • Internet usage is monitored by the EACC IT staff. Those who view materials which are considered to be inappropriate for display in a public area are subject to loss of computer privileges indefinitely. Streaming of music and video are not permitted.
  • The use of the computers designated for Internet access may be limited to 60 minutes. Priority will be given to registered students who are accessing the Internet for the purpose of research relating to class assignments. Those engaged in other activities may not continue when others are waiting.
  • Privileges will be denied for disruptive behavior.
  • EACC is pleased to offer computer facilities to members of the community, however, these resources are not to be used for private business or personal gain.
  • Users may not change the configuration of the equipment or software, install personal software, listen or download music and download files from the internet. The intentional introduction of viruses will result in the permanent loss of lab privileges.
  • Individuals who are granted Internet access accept responsibility for any liability which may be incurred through intentional misuse of this resource.
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