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Mission Statement
The mission of East Arkansas Community College is to enhance the quality of life for everyone within the EACC service community by providing opportunities for educational excellence, economic stimulation, and cultural enrichment.

Vision Statement
As an open-door, two-year institution of higher education, East Arkansas Community College’s primary focus is a commitment to learning by educating and preparing students to become responsible citizens and contributing members of society. In addition, the College realizes the importance of serving other clients, including area businesses, industries, and educational institutions. In order to actualize its mission, the college is committed to promoting the intellectual and cultural advancement of the community, fostering diversity, tolerance, and mutual respect among its constituents by offering the human and physical resources of the college, and continued improvement through professional development of its faculty and staff.

Through these efforts and through its cooperation with other educational institutions, the College is an active partner in the economic and social progress of eastern Arkansas.

The Specific Objectives Used To Fulfill The Vision of EACC Are To:

  1. Offer correlated programs of study that will transfer to four-year institutions.
  2. Offer occupational degrees and certificate programs consistent with the needs of our students and service area.
  3. Offer lifelong learning and industrial training programs to meet the needs of the community.
  4. Offer qualified high school students the option to earn college credit through articulation agreements.
  5. Offer a broad range of educational opportunities by providing access to other institutions through cooperative agreements, joint programs, and distance learning.
  6. Offer developmental education that assists individuals in improving learning skills and overcoming educational deficiencies.
  7. Offer personalized guidance and counseling services which promote the proper placement of students in all courses and programs of study.
  8. Offer opportunities for faculty and staff development.

East Arkansas Community College is accredited by:

Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite7-500
Chicago, IL 60604


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