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Currently enrolled East Arkansas Community College students, faculty, and staff may register for the eaccALERT text messaging service.

Text messaging provides a means by which the College can immediately communicate emergencies to you via a device that you are likely to have on hand: your cell phone.

Yes. Cell phone numbers registered with East Arkansas Community College’s eaccALERT service are not shared or sold to any other systems, services, or advertisers.

eaccALERT messages will only be sent to notify you of closings and emergency situations. The exact number is difficult to predict, but there should be very few. If you decide to opt-in, there is no guarantee of delivery (e.g. the demands on local cell towers are outside the College’s control).

No. Classroom cell phone use will continue to be guided by policies set by individual faculty. The eaccALERT messaging service is just one of the methods the College will use to communicate emergency information to students, faculty, and staff. We will continue to use a variety of other methods as appropriate, including email, telephone intercom, news broadcasts, and other mediums of communication deemed appropriate.

All you need is a cell phone with text messaging capabilities. There is no charge for signing up; however, individual cell phone plans may apply nominal charges for text messages, so check your cell phone contract.

Note: All landlines, most Tracfones and some pay-as-you-go phones will not register on the eaccALERTsystem. We are sorry, but this is a limitation of the phone providers.

When you change cell phone providers, but keep your existing mobile number, it is considered "ported," and doesn't need to be re-registered in the eaccALERTsystem.

If you change your cellphone number, you will need to register your new number with the eaccALERT system and delete your old number from the system. To do so, visit the EACC Hompage (www.eacc.edu) and click on the “Information” link. Under the “Students” section, choose “eaccALERT”. Then, log in to the eaccALERTsystem with the username you entered when creating your eaccALERT account and follow the instructions.

Registering is quick and easy - all you need is your cell phone. Visit the EACC Homepage (www.eacc.edu) and click on “Information Links”. Under the “Student” section, click on eaccALERT and select the “Sign Up” button. Enter your EACC Student username (eacc\lastname.firstname) and password. You will be forwarded to a web page that will allow you to create an account within the eaccALERT (e2campus) system. You MUST use your EACC e-mail account name (for example if your e-mail address is smith.john@eacc.edu, you must use “smith.john”) as your username. However, for security purposes, DO NOT use the same password for this account as you use at the College— the password that you choose for eaccALERT will be stored within a third-party vendor’s system and not within a campus system.

When your account is created, the system will send a validation text message to your phone. (Standard text messaging rates will apply.) Enter the 4-digit code on the web page and login.

 The validation text message that you receive may be sent from an account with a five digit number. This is not the validation code. To find the validation code, open the text message. You will see a message like this: “#### is your service validation code.” This is the number to enter into eaccALERT.

eaccALERT is a system that requires people to opt-in to the service. One way that this is handled is by having the system send the cell phone a four digit code upon registration that must be entered into eaccALERT online to complete registration. If you do not receive the code or do not enter it into the system, the registration of your cell phone is not verified and you will not receive eaccALERT messages. Here are some possible solutions:

No. Broadcast emails will be sent as they are currently (via the students EACC e-mail account).

 You can discontinue receiving messages at any time just as quickly and easily as you signed up.

Visit www.eacc.edu and click on “Information” link. Under the “Students” section, choose “eaccALERT” and log in using your username.

Once in the eaccALERT (e2campus) system, select the Services option. Next to your cell phone number, select Change Status and follow the instructions to inactivate your phone. You will no longer receive messages at that cell phone.

There may be individuals located in the Learning Center, Computer Education Center, and the Learning Resource Center (Library) that can assist you. You may also contact Michelle Wilson at (870) 633-4480, ext. 233 or rwilson@eacc.edu.

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