Social Science Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Arts in Teaching

Available in Middle School Track (with concentration in Math/Science and Language Arts/Social Studies) or P-4 Track.

The Associate of Arts Degree in Teaching is a transfer degree offered by EACC and other two-year colleges in Arkansas. This program has been developed with four-year teacher education programs and with the State's two-year institutions.
A principal aim of this AAT Degree is to provide structured curriculum for teacher aides. The program facilitates the transfer of students to a baccalaureate teacher education program (it should be noted that completion of this AA Degree Program will not automatically guarantee a student's admission into a senior institution's teacher education program). This program seeks to encourage students interested in obtaining teacher education degrees and teacher certification.

Hours Required: 64-65
For More Information, refer to the Catalog

Associate of Applied Science in Childcare

This two-year program is a cooperative program between East Arkansas Community College and Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute.

Hours Required: 63
For More Information, contact the chair of the Social Science Department or refer to the Catalog .

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program has been developed to include a wide area encompassing the study of criminals, crime as a social phenomenon, and the criminal justice system as a complex interrelated whole. The program has been developed in cooperation with the Forrest City Police Department, St. Francis County Sheriff, Arkansas State Police (Regional Office), and the Arkansas Commission on Crime and Law Enforcement. The goal of the program is two-fold: (1) to upgrade area law enforcement in helping to meet the minimum standards to be established by the Advisory and Executive Commission on Officer Standards for the State of Arkansas, and (2) to develop a professional attitude toward law enforcement.

Hours Required: 63
For More Information, refer to the Catalog

Technical Certificate - Criminal Justice

This one-year program is designed to upgrade the working officer's practical knowledge of the administration and operation of a modern police department, to help the officer understand his place in professional law enforcement, and to improve the functions the officer performs in his department.

Hours Required: 33
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Certificate of Proficiency - Criminal Justice

This Certificate of Proficiency is for the individual seeking to develop a foundation in law enforcement for employment in the criminal justice field. Emphasis is on basic law enforcement principles and practices needed for success in criminal justice employment.

Hours Required: 15
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